bwc comic art project

signup and receive a framed piece of art every month!

and you'll get other bonus fun stuff (stickers, temporary tattoos etc.) 

for only $25 


the cool part is that each of the art works will be connected to each other so your artwork will grow 

what you get each month: 

a signed and framed giclee printed 8x10 inch artwork:

the monthly bonus! examples so far: hand made mini comics, adult coloring book and activity pages, temporary tattoos, stickers, patches

something to look forward to every month in this bleak, empty and meaninglessness existence.

some cool packaging, i mean it. i'm putting lots of effort into that too. 

the right to pat yourself on the back knowing you support the arts.  

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want to get caught up? previous month's sold here:

march 2017
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